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HoL flash.

2009-12-11 17:59:01 by teammember

Decided to slap HoL into a simple to use, convienent flash.

Easy enough.

Took a few days, (Got lazy in between) But it was fun.

The most annoying was Masochist.


2009-04-21 19:06:48 by teammember


Starting the project

2009-04-12 17:36:02 by teammember

Hallaby and I are starting the game!

We don't know when it'll be done, But it WILL BE FUN!

I suspect, A few months

Medals Guide

2009-04-10 12:35:10 by teammember

Okay! Here we go!
Newgrounds Portal Defenders:

I will tell how to get SECRET medals for this, OKAY!

Bom-nivore - Kill BoMtoons
Horde Fighter - Kill 20 zombies
Creditz - Sit through credits
Doer of radical wrong - kill the 2 RWD animators
Juggler - Get a combo of 30 or higher
Alkie Kong: They Have a guide, read the description.
Thing Thing Arena: Tells you how.
Deliver That Fulp!:

Just Can't Wait - type deliver from the menu

Can't Concentrate - Deliver without taking the pills

Confuzzled - don't do anything

Filthy hands - deliver baby without gloves

Goodbye world - type suicide

Hercules - type "pull" instead of "pull gently"

Play Again? - type play while already playing

Speedy Delivery - deliver in under 20 seconds

That's Disgusting! - deliver without blindfold

Wrong way - type push

It's a Boy! - successful delivery ( Take gloves, wear gloves, take pills, take pills, take blindfold,blindfold tom, pull gently)

You're too slow! - do something, then wait for time to expire.

xyzzy - type xyzzy

Newgrounds Pass 3

2. script

Secrets for medals:
Any Level- Press TAB to activate the anti-cheat system, and click on the movie-symbol on the bottom left corner to get a Medal.

Level 4- Move left, and fall on this first gap while moving to the right (in the air). Then proceed to go all the way to the right, jumping over any gaps. Get the golden box for a Medal.

Level 13- Move northeast all the way. You'll soon find some type of arrow. Keep following it, and click on the trophy for the Medal.

Level 16- Move left on this level, and click on the trophy.

Level 20- Click on the cat's right eye (since he's staring directly at you, it's supposedly his left-eye, but...) to get a Medal.

Level 22- Press the Start button on the Nintendo DS.

Level 30- Click on the N/A under the spear picture to get a Medal.

Super Password: When you get all achievements, press Spacebar to activate the Achievements Menu. Note that each achievement has a letter on it. It tells you of the super password. To use it, go to the Options Menu, and click on Super Password. Digit q5v48e to activate a silly yet funny scene.

Fear Unlimited Issue2: Tells you.

Well. That's a wrapup for this.

Here's another good guide, /285955

Big Points.

2009-04-10 12:03:34 by teammember

I reached the 1.4K points milestone! Yay me!

I'm gonna go for 2000.

Yes, I'm working on a big game.It's going to be almost the same as the Newgrounds Portal Defender game.

Differences: It's styled after the manga, Yotsuba&!

Every character will be from the book.

There will be 1 hero (Yotsuba)
And 3 unlockable heros (Flower Cupid Yotsuba, TeamPrivate, TeamMember)

The boss of the game will be like Wadolf, It will be Jumbo (Takashi Takeda)
And he will summon giant cicadas, and have Cicada beam (Not shoop da whoop XD)

There will be blood still..

Minigames? I don't know. Only if the ASer wants to do that part.

The backround will just be Yotsuba's house...

Here's wave details.

( It's caleld Casthiletics right? Correct me if i'm wrong..)

Wave 1: Ena, Miura, 2 little girls (from casthiletics), 2 little boys(Casthiletics and Market), And the boss is Cardbo.

Wave 2: The mother and father of the Ayase's, Old lady(market), Fish rental lady,Little Boy's mother(market), and boss is Fisherman.

Wave 3: 2 Casthiletics Leader girls, Police woman, Flower woman(Flower Jumbo), Old guy(bus),
And the boss is the Milkman.

Here's where it gets good...

Wave 4: Yanda, Koiwai, Jumbo's Father, Fuka, Tissue sample man, And boss is Asagi and Torako.


I'm hoping someone will help, i'm looking foraward to making this.


2009-04-04 12:43:22 by teammember

I'm doing pretty good with them. I don't know what they're for, but is there any games I'm missing?

Please tell if you know. Thanks!

Epic Failure

2009-03-30 18:55:37 by teammember

Well, Where have I been? Trying to make better TeamMaster episodes.

Then i got caught p in other games. Let me tell you this.

It's not gonna happen. Sorry!

But, I AM going to make new flash, Probably more art then animation.

Need an actionscripter!

2008-12-28 14:14:05 by teammember

I am currently making GTC3, but i cannot actionscript for.... dust. So i need an actionscripter!

Rewards: Alot of credit for the game
You will be the one to name the Evil Wizard guy.
being an awesome helper person.
some undetermined 4th thing.

Requirements for the game!: a Player script, this IS a platformer game, so he will need 5 basic movements and HP, and if you want to add a system for leveling up linked to the monsters, you can (extra credit lol)
Movements: arrowkey up = jump
arrowkey left = left and right = right
down = duck, i guess
spacebar = punch!

An Enemy script: Attack phases: chase, chase and attack at certain distance , or stay put and only attack if you get in attack range. (all 3 must be put in, but two of them must be disabled.)


Damage it hits

XP it gives, if you added leveling system

And the enemy's as must be as easily editable as possible i guess, so i can use it for different monsters.

Cake Script: a simple heal all HP and go to next frame for the cake. (it works towards the player might i add, but that should be obvious)

Ty for all the help, i hope someone can do this for me, i am looking forward to the scripts to make it an amazing game!