Need an actionscripter!

2008-12-28 14:14:05 by teammember

I am currently making GTC3, but i cannot actionscript for.... dust. So i need an actionscripter!

Rewards: Alot of credit for the game
You will be the one to name the Evil Wizard guy.
being an awesome helper person.
some undetermined 4th thing.

Requirements for the game!: a Player script, this IS a platformer game, so he will need 5 basic movements and HP, and if you want to add a system for leveling up linked to the monsters, you can (extra credit lol)
Movements: arrowkey up = jump
arrowkey left = left and right = right
down = duck, i guess
spacebar = punch!

An Enemy script: Attack phases: chase, chase and attack at certain distance , or stay put and only attack if you get in attack range. (all 3 must be put in, but two of them must be disabled.)


Damage it hits

XP it gives, if you added leveling system

And the enemy's as must be as easily editable as possible i guess, so i can use it for different monsters.

Cake Script: a simple heal all HP and go to next frame for the cake. (it works towards the player might i add, but that should be obvious)

Ty for all the help, i hope someone can do this for me, i am looking forward to the scripts to make it an amazing game!


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