2009-04-05 12:52:17 by teammember

Yes, I'm working on a big game.It's going to be almost the same as the Newgrounds Portal Defender game.

Differences: It's styled after the manga, Yotsuba&!

Every character will be from the book.

There will be 1 hero (Yotsuba)
And 3 unlockable heros (Flower Cupid Yotsuba, TeamPrivate, TeamMember)

The boss of the game will be like Wadolf, It will be Jumbo (Takashi Takeda)
And he will summon giant cicadas, and have Cicada beam (Not shoop da whoop XD)

There will be blood still..

Minigames? I don't know. Only if the ASer wants to do that part.

The backround will just be Yotsuba's house...

Here's wave details.

( It's caleld Casthiletics right? Correct me if i'm wrong..)

Wave 1: Ena, Miura, 2 little girls (from casthiletics), 2 little boys(Casthiletics and Market), And the boss is Cardbo.

Wave 2: The mother and father of the Ayase's, Old lady(market), Fish rental lady,Little Boy's mother(market), and boss is Fisherman.

Wave 3: 2 Casthiletics Leader girls, Police woman, Flower woman(Flower Jumbo), Old guy(bus),
And the boss is the Milkman.

Here's where it gets good...

Wave 4: Yanda, Koiwai, Jumbo's Father, Fuka, Tissue sample man, And boss is Asagi and Torako.


I'm hoping someone will help, i'm looking foraward to making this.


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2009-04-05 17:26:45

I am a pretty good scipter, and could most likely program what your looking for, how good of an artist are you?

(Updated ) teammember responds:

K done. It took longer then I thought (about 30 min instead of 10)

But it's done.

I forgot to add shine to the hair. I'll do that ingame... secth&s=5